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Since 2021, NACCHO has collected information on congenital syphilis prevention and control interventions/activities across the United States. This effort focused on gathering information on any interventions/activities across the entire spectrum of prevention of syphilis among persons with childbearing capacity and congenital syphilis, as well as information on your syphilis screening/testing efforts of persons with childbearing capacity at your local jail(s). As of July 2023, NACCHO has expanded the compendium to also include perinatal HIV interventions/activities.

The compendium of the collected responses has been developed to increase peer-to-peer collaboration and improve congenital syphilis prevention and perinatal HIV efforts. In addition to looking at what other jurisdictions have tried regarding congenital syphilis and perinatal HIV prevention, you can enter information on your local interventions/activities, regardless of whether the intervention/activity has been evaluated.

If you have questions, email sti@naccho.org.

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